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Written by Masayuki Nakano (Manager of Nagoya EJF games club)

日本人は日本語が一番 (Japanese is the best!)
名古屋人は名古屋弁を話さないかんでよお (Nagoya accent is wonderful word.)

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What is "Nagoya EJF games club"?

"Nagoya EJF games club" is a table top game club in Nagoya-JAPAN.
We meet on Saturday per Month, from 13:30 to 20:30 at Aichi-pref Exrecise Hall. (It is "General Meeting" or "Regular Meeting".)
We meet on ANOTHER Saturday per Month, from 18:00 to 20:30 at same place.
But, It was fixed THEME on meeting. (It is"Theme Meeting".)
The inexperienced person does not recommend the participation of the "Theme Meeting".

To come to the Aichi-pref Exrecise Hall, Meijo-koen subway station is most convinient.
(They are about 30 minutes from the Nagoya Central Station. ).

We play board games, non-collectable card games, traditional games, playing cards and communication games.
But, sorry, we don't play video games in Nagoya EJF games club.
(Furthermore, collectable card games, role playing games and war games can play occasionally.)

To enter, fee is 500yen per person.
(if first-visiting, free!)
Many games are able to play!!

Currently, Many games are supplied by Gamestore Banesto to Nagoya EJF games club.

We welcome the foreigners who lives in Middle-Japan.

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